so the next episode of the walking dead is going to have ‘explict sexual activity’.

People who have read the comics, may have a feeling where this is going.

The following involves comic spoilers…

In the comics, The Governor had brutally raped Michonne multiple times. I have a feeling that the explict sexual activity may involve The Governor raping someone, but it may not be Michonne. I have a feeling it could be Andrea.

Now what my point is, is that I am beyond scared of how the fandom is gonna react about this. I know what some people think about Shane almost raping Lori, how she deserved it since she was a bitch. Hell, I’ve already seen people say that they want Andrea to be raped due to how much of a ‘cunt’ she is. But guys, this shit is seriously NOT OKAY. I do NOT WANT TO SEE ANYONE SAYING THAT ANDREA DESERVES TO BE BRUTALLY RAPED. BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T. NOBODY DOES. THAT SHIT AIN’T FUNNY, AND IS FUCKING SERIOUS AND HORRIBLE. 

If I see anyone on my dash saying that they think Andrea deserves being raped, then I am unfollowing you. End of story. Not saying that anyone I follow WILL say such things, because most of the people I follow are mature. I’m just throwing that out there. It seriously just is NOT okay, and I am terrified because I just KNOW if this does end up happening (because there is a large chance that it won’t), quite a few people are going to be saying it’s a good thing. And that just disgusts me. 


I shouldn’t even have to say this, but it’s just the fact that this fandom is so terrible about this kinda thing, that I have to say it. 

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    This. All of this. I’m seriously worried and scared about it. First of all, to see that scene because it’s going to be...
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    I hate Andrea but no I hope to God they do not do that story arc. It’s the one thing I hated about the comic book...
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    What saddens me is, I know there’s gonna be people who will act like that should the show go down that road. Let me just...
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    Do not want.
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    OH CHRIST I did not realize that the name of episode 15 is the name of the comic arc where Michonne got raped… I am...
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    Ugh. I’m NOT okay after reading this. I’m convinced now more than ever that the Governor is going to do to Andrea what...
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    Basically, this. I will hold for no bullshit if this happens.
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    Lori nor Andrea deserve it. noone deserves it. I read somewhere that it may Sasha that the Govenor rapes.
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