i am forever a defender of TWD. I seriously am. I have never hated an episode.

But that finale was seriously… a fucking pile of shit. I’m not even kidding you, I hated it so much. It started out great, but everything just… went so wrong. 

First, the amount of commercials. What the fuck. It felt like the episode was actually SHORTER. Five extra minutes my ass.

The ‘attack’ on the prison. We have had such a build up to it. And… it went no where. Seriously no where. I figured that there would be the walkers in the prison, but then they all just… left. Just left. And then the governor kills EVERYONE and then heads back but… he apparently never made it back. seriously what the cocks.

And the biggest thing… Andreas death. I’m sorry if you hate her but… That was fucking terrible. I’m gonna be completely honest, I cried like a bitch. Michonne crying, ‘I know how the safety works.’ very heartbreaking. But in the end…. it was a horribly pointless death. I THOUGHT SHE WAS GONNA HAVE A REDEMPTION WHAT THE HELL KIND OF REDEMPTION WAS THAT GETTING BITTEN BY ZOMBIE MILTON AFTER TRYING TO ESCAPE FOR THE WHOLE EPISODE ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME

And then it ends with them randomly bringing woodbury people back to the prison and all is ~happy~. nothing explained. no governor. no final mention of andrea.


I am seriously not even interested in S4 rn. If i keep feeling like this i might just… stop watching, and stick to the comics. because i am fucking LIVID rn and i am not making sense and wow i am so fosdnjskdfhdjkghfjkgh


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